CURISM is a medical ward for rejuvenation par excellence, for chronic diseases (particularly multiple Sclerosis, Borreliosis (Lyme disease) Alzheimer’s disease, Chrone’s disease, heart attack, cerebral palsy, asthma, all rheumatoid diseases, diseases caused by bacteria, senile maculopathie, retinal detachments, lupus erythematodes, impotency, all different kinds of paralyses, particularly those after accidents, herpetic diseases, for instance herpes of the lips or in the genital tract, tinnitus, all kind of tumors, particularly of the lung, stomach, prostate, skin (particularly: malignant melanoma with nearly 100% success rate after appropriate treatment) tumors of the lips, of the tongue, loss of hair, heart arrhythmia, panic attacks, intelligence improvements in school children, autism, ailments due to diabetes, diabetic retinopathy, Parkinson’s disease and many, many more.

Dr. Hellenthal has published books on the matter. You can read Dr. Hellenthals entire published works for free on his personal web page  where you will find an index of diseases cured at CURISMO. Please use this index for further information on a particular disease you are interested in.