Our clinic is located in the nice, little tourist town of San Juan del Sur in sunny Nicaragua only one block from the marvelous beach and the pacific ocean, bearing the ideal predisposition for cure from any disease by just elevating the spirits.

Apart from these environmental advantages we offer medical treatment at the foremost front of the art. Umbilical cord stem cell treatment and bio electric cancer therapy with famous Dr. Julius Hellenthal who has already successfully applied these new methods on over 5000 patients are just the tip of the iceberg. Our success rate with chronic bacterial diseases is near unbeatable compared to regular university clinics. Take a look at the “Cure” section for more information.

Being an outpatient clinic, patients will be able to enjoy the positive effects of relaxing and being well cared for in a five star beachfront hotel, of course being regularly visited by one of our doctors. For more information see the “Comfort” section.


1 - Umbilical cord stem cells and auto immune vaccine

2 - Longstanding antibiotic treatment

3 - Immune system activation therapy


The head of CURISMO Stem Cell Clinic is Dr. Julius Hellenthal, former general physician in Austria and ophthalmologist in Germany.

Due to his work and experience with ophthalmology and bacteriology and an excellent ability to comprehend matters logically allowing for more accurate diagnosis he was soon expanding his phenomenal success with bacterially caused diseases from ophthalmology to the whole organism. This was made possible by his deep understanding of antibiotics and the development of his long term antibiotic treatment minimizing the side effects.

Finally he arrived at the incredibly effective, unique form of umbilical cord stem cell treatment combined with an auto immune vaccine derived from the patient’s own bacteriological blood zoo which has already been successfully applied on more than 5000 patients. He is also CURISMO's leading specialist for tumors and cancers of all kinds with a special bio electric therapy he has more than thirty years of experience in applying.


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