Umbilical cord stem cells and auto immune vaccine

The crown jewel of CURISMO stem cell clinic is Dr. Hellenthal’s auto immune vaccine made from the patient’s own blood and stem cells taken from the umbilical cord of newly born children. The fact that the patient’s own blood is used in combination with stem cells - the miracle of modern day medicine - makes this unique drug that valuable. This fact enables that every ml of our stem cell vaccine is designed to cure exactly the specific diseases of the single patient which makes this remedy as effective as it is. It will cause the immune system to massively deploy antibodies against the patient’s exact ailments and by means of the stem cells repair damaged areas and heal.

Longstanding antibiotic treatment

Partially up to four antibiotics at the same time while closely watching the small (bowel's flora) over at least two months. Phenomenal successes can be achieved with this therapy under proper supervision and the right diet.

This form of therapy is well proven and will usually be combined with the auto immune vaccine further enhancing its impact. It can also be an alternative to the vaccine for lesser ailments.

For further information it is recommended that you should read Dr. Julius Hellenthal’s publications from our Patients section

Immune system activation therapy

In order to achieve maximum immune system activity during a healing process or as a precaution we use a combination of things. The therapy consists of a two to three hour’s explanation by one of the doctors on the different means of effectively activating and supporting the immune system, and observation of the progressThe therapy includes dietary advice, for there are some substances in our daily food that can be of aid to the bodies defensive capabilities, and others that should be avoided.

Further the therapy suggests changes in the patient’s way of life and thinking, and teaches the patient how to use these factors for an immune system boost

The intake of vitamins and spare elements is also a vital part of our Immune system activation therapy and will be adjusted to each person’s unique system.

Last but not least there is a special movement and water therapy designed to activate and keep the immune system alert which will be taught to the patient and should be maintained.

It is recommended to undergo this treatment under any circumstances for only an organism with high immune activity can effectively keep at bay the daily challenges for the body.