Read about the most stunning cases of healing achieved with CURISMO therapies...

State after cerebral infarct (stroke) 58 year old patient spent 20 Months in a wheelchair. Treated with this specific auto immune therapy from 2004-2005 he could leave the wheelchair.

Asthma 26 year old daughter of a medical colleague has been suffering for two years from asthma. After treatment with this special auto immune vaccine she now hasn’t been suffering from asthma for the last five years. A further 22 year old patient suffered from this chronic disease since birth (like most family members: father died with 38 of asthma attack, the same thing has happened to her grandfather). After application of our therapy patient hasn’t had any attack for the last two years.

Chronic Lyme borreliosis with prostate cancer 55 year old patient in wheelchair. After two treatments with this specific autologous blood therapy he was able to leave the wheelchair six years ago. Since that he is well and without prostate problems.

Multiple sclerosis Medical colleague who after six years of multiple sclerosiscould only walk 40m. After therapy with this special auto immune treatment he now can walk two km.

HIV positive patient 42 year old HIV positive patient was once more diagnosed negative after this specific therapy.

Alzheimer’s disease 79 year old patient (pianist for many years) could not play piano for the last 6 years. After this therapy she now plays the piano again.

Genital herpes 28 year old patient suffered for many years of genital herpes and had been unsuccessful in many intents of conceiving a child. After this special auto immune vaccine the herpes disappeared and she became pregnant.

Epilepsy 24 year old patient suffered from epileptic seizures for 14 years. After this therapy she now has no further attacks. The same patient also suffered nine years of premenstrual syndrome. Now she has no further problems before or during her period.

Palsy (Paralysis due to slipped disc) 35 year old patient could not walk and was bedfast for seven years. After only five days of administration of this specific auto immune therapy she could walk again perfectly well. Hereupon four members of the same family decided to undergo this combined stem cell treatment as a rejuvenation therapy.

Rejuvenation 67 year old patient had not had her period for 17 years. After having received this special auto immune vaccine as a rejuvenation treatment she went back to having her period two times.

Retinal detachment 64 year old patient suffered from retinal detachment. The patient was told that is was already too late for a successful operation. An operation would only be able to restore 10% of his former visual performance. After this specific auto immune vaccine and operation 100% visual performance again.

Already surgically treated pancreas cancer 56 year old patient was sent home to die by two clinics (life expectancy only days to weeks). After our therapy this wheelchair patient was once more able to walk, move independently and work for eight hours daily during six months. 48 year old patient after pancreas operation had no more hope of further survival and had been given up by university clinics. As a result of our specific therapy she survived 5.7 years, most of which in an excellent general condition with bicycle rides of up to 8 hours.

Hemorrhoids 62 year old patient suffered from 34cm long anal skin tags causing him to wear Pampers. After this auto immune treatment the hemorrhoids were reduced without operation to only 2cm. The patient could leave his swaddling clothes and is happy about a higher quality of life.

Anorexia nervosa 17 year old patient suffered from anorexia nervosa (5 years of suffering from pathological leanness) After treatment with this sauto immune vaccine she is now well.

Senile maculopathy 55 year old patient suffered from senile maculopathy and was not allowed to drive a car anymore. The visual performance was 5% on one eye and 50% on the other. Since this therapy her visual performance is 80% on the bad eye and 120% on the better one and she drives once more.

Facial palsy After eight years of an existing, disfiguring facial palsy this 75 year old patient enjoyed a complete restitution.

State after breast cancer surgery and following bone metastases 38 year old patient was surgically treated for breast cancer. She also had chemo therapy. Five years later bone metastases were diagnosed. After two more years she received our therapy. Now she is free of metastases for the last seven years (which even I - as a treating doctor - can hardly believe).

Miracles might happen